July 18, 2012 in Customer Service McCann Window Replacement Windows

We’re a locally focused business, with customers we see around the area. Although our customers often find us on the internet, many of them know us through other places. Our kids may go to school with theirs or they have friends who know our work.

We also have some customers whose windows are so distinctive that everyone who sees their house notices. Glynis and David Hirsch. When she picked out this window, we knew it would be a show stopper, and it has been.

Given the distinctiveness of what she had in mind, we recommended Marvin Windows, which has built a reputation as the go-to custom windows manufacturer. It’s a window unlike any residential window I’d ever seen.

The window installation went without a hitch. Now, in their little corner of Deerfield, the couple’s custom Marvin window overlooks a fair amount of traffic and provides plenty of what we like to call “curb appeal”. As you can see from the pictures, it makes a dramatic statement for their home, especially as reflected in the curves of the shrubbery.


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